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What Is Menu Engineering?

Your menu is the 2nd most important document in your business.

Menu Engineering is a mathematical model for analyzing the relative sales/profit earning potential of the individual items on a menu and helps you focus on actual profit returned from a menu, rather than the usual focus on the percentage cost of menu items. (more…)

Jeffrey Summers - Founder/Principal, Summers Hospitality Group Jeffrey has spent over 30 years in various Marketing, Operations and Business Development roles in corporate and franchise chains as well as independent concepts including: fast food, QSR's, casual full-service, fine-dining, private clubs and banquet facilities, corporate dining and catering businesses. He is widely recognized by his peers as one of the world's leading voices in the Restaurant & Hotel industries, as an expert in restaurant & hotel businesses, Jeffrey now devotes most of his time to helping owners/operators and their organizations both identify and achieve their business objectives using all of the tools at their disposal. More info about Jeffrey.  How Can We Help You Build A Better Business?


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