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My Top 10 Restaurant & Hotel Trends Fo...

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The only trends that matter are the ones which your guests will respond to through sales and traffic. If they're the same as those across


New Research On Old Knowledge: Rituals Make...

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Rituals need an emotional connection to make them last and valued. Without it, you're simply talking about habits within transactions. This makes you a contrived

Fast Food Jobs Can Offer Tremendous Opportu...

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We are often told that individuals are “stuck” in fast food jobs, as if there is no hope for advancement or development. But these aren’t

7 Indicators of Brand-Building Inadequacy

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Is your brand-building effort effective? Is the budget spend effective? Any combination of these is a recipe for strategic problems and lost opportunities.


Game Change: Moneyball And The Reality Of S...

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It was about old thinking vs. new thinking, about industry politics vs. the heresy of innovation, about dinosaurs desperate to hang on to a


Focus Blindness: The Discounting of Value

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Why is it that so many businesses under value their offerings and over value their competitors’ offerings? What’s that? You don’t do that?


If A Fight Broke Out In Your Business, Are ...

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Whether a restaurant, bar or hotel owner is liable for fights depends. “Depends on what?” you ask. Let me tell you by asking and then

Is Restaurant Marketing Broken?

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Is restaurant marketing broken? - Yes What exactly is it that's broken? 1. The understanding of what works and what doesn't work for restaurants.


17 Restaurant & Hotel Leadership Best ...

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You will have to focus on growth in order to pay more, do more and offer more that guests and "A" level talent will demand