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Restaurant & Hotel Branding

You Don’t Operate a Business, You Manage a Brand

That’s a critical distinction, because businesses sell products and services, but people buy brands. Brands they believe in and trust. Brands that help them express who they are and who they’d like to be. Brands that open windows to a world in which they’d like to live and that allow them to place themselves into that world. Brands that bring value to their lives by helping them validate their choices.

Branding also helps you create the emotional connections necessary to facilitate strong loyalty among your employees, guests and community. This in turn help you to:

  • Charge premium prices (increasing margins)
  • Increase and protect your market share (more business with less effort)
  • Protect your business from outside competition (enough said)
  • Increase profitability & market valuation (builds equity)
  • Improve negotiating leverage with business partners (better lease terms, wholesale prices, etc…)
  • Grow beyond current product categories (increasing sales & profit centers)
  • Recruit and retain higher quality employees (thus improving performance and reducing costs)
  • Align the business around a specific mission, vision and set of values (engaging both employees and guests)
  • Mobilize an organization’s people and focus its activities (to better engage your community and it’s resources for your long-term success)

Those are the kinds of brands we design. If that’s the kind of brand you want to be, then we’re the creative partner for you.

Whether you’re launching a new brand, or jump starting one that’s stalled, great brand stories grounded by strategic thinking, and articulated through creative execution and engaging experiences, are the catalyst for reaching and retaining guests. Scripting a compelling brand narrative means starting with the human experience, understanding how your brand impacts people and their community and then designing outward to inform, inspire, delight, attract and persuade.

SHG® will help you develop and articulate a fully integrated branding program that truly:

  • Connects your core brand values with your guest’s core values
  • Strategically positions you in your market & in the mind of your guests
  • Amplifys the guest experience at every touchpoint
  • Expands awareness of you in your market
  • Communicates meaningful and relevant differentiation
  • Adds value for your guests
  • Becomes more accessible to more potential guests
  • Builds the emotional connections critical to loyalty

To do that we painstakingly research the demographics, diligently collect the data, methodically analyze the details, carefully consider the facts, and thoroughly weigh the options. While great branding begins with input and information – it’s not simply what you see, it’s how you see it; so we look at things differently.

We go deeper to transform cogent messaging into compelling communication with meaning, metaphor, character, and wit. Revealing these attributes transcends traditional marketing, engaging people through richer experiences that clarify brand message while demonstrating brand value in their lives.

Great experiences create great brand stories, which foster new stories that expand the brand. Brands that breakthrough the noise, do so by leading, inspiring and motivating people to place themselves into the brand narrative to create, contribute, and co-author their own stories. Our approach fuses design, advertising, marketing, art, data analysis and strategy with all of the components that shape and amplify story and experience.

Those components often include logos and symbols, brochures and collateral, products and packaging, interiors and environments, direct mail and advertising, textiles and touch, scent and sound, words and typography, illustration and photography, websites and social networks, and a great many other things that manage the message across every kind of media. These brand beacons stake your claim, mark your territory and guide consumers to you through a cluttered market. 

Expand Your Vision of What Your Brand Can Become

The SHG® approach engages and invigorates your organization with imagination, and creative thinking that provides a competitive advantage. We call on each client to actively participate throughout the branding process; because no matter how well we do our job, great results cannot happen without top-down passion, and commitment from your organization.

Our process takes you on a journey of self discovery that challenges you to look at your brand differently. We will stretch the possibilities of what it can become, with the clear objective of designing an evolved brand, and launching that brand via advanced communication tools, and techniques that are manageable, and flexible. That’s how a good business becomes a great brand that fosters innovation, stimulates commerce, creates jobs, generates wealth, and fuels the engine that drives community.

360-Degree Brand Positioning Program Is Designed to Identify and Exploit Market Differentiating Opportunities

Differentiating your restaurant or hospitality business in the marketplace is how you gain new guests and repeat business. Without differentiation, the guest views you as just another restaurant. Your experience needs to stand out and be the one the guest turns to for the types of experiences you provide.

To accomplish this, SHG® offers a comprehensive, analytical marketing audit and new positioning service designed to arm you and your business with differentiating key messages that resonate with guest’s needs and helps you sell.

Our Brand Positioning Program consists of the following key elements:

  1. Competitive Messaging Analysis Detailed and thorough analysis of your key messages, proof points and value statement against those of your competition.
  2. Derive Key Insights from Competitive Analysis Identify exploitable, differentiating brand positioning niches.
  3. New differentiating key message platform New positioning statement, key message statements, supporting proof points and customer value propositions
  4. Website Content Development Succinct, impactful, targeted and differentiating website content to help you differentiate your experiences and increase sales.
  5. Sales Collateral Logo’s, all brand design elements, content development and mock-up layout for brochures, flyers, ads, sales/data sheets, etc.
  6. PR Develop up to two-page press release and offer you two rounds of revisions. Search-engine keyword optimized.
  7. Social Media Help you develop, create and maintain not only your social media presence but content to engage your guests and support your business goals.

More of our branding efforts include:

  • Product Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Color Palette Development
  • Typographic Standards
  • Photographic Illustration Style
  • Integrated Brand Systems
  • Brand Management
  • Business System Design
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Brochure Collateral Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Point of Sale Design
  • Vehicle Graphics Illustration
  • Signage
  • Trade Show Design
  • Strategic Brand Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Copywriting Copy Editing
  • Guest Experience Design
  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Communications
  • Voice-of-the-Guest Programs
  • Innovative Operational Practices
  • Brand Performance Reviews
  • Social Business
  • Brand/Concept Design
  • Brand Development Positioning
  • Business Identity Design