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SHG Workshops - 2014

The SHG Event Calendar For 2014

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The SHG Event Calendar for 2014.

TOH: Delusional Process Management Syndrome

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Successful managers use (and stick to) a smart, behavioral process which is critically important for ALL positions - from dish washer to Director of Operations

The Insanity of Losses

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There's a reason nearly 72% of all food service businesses go out of business within three years (fact not fiction). This level of thinking is part of the reason.

Restaurant Marketing: Stop Posting Mediocre...

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People are less articulate at giving praise than they are at ranting about a bad experience. Stop using mediocre reviews.


Restaurant Marketing: Facebook Posts –...

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"Don't get caught up in being everywhere. Be where your guests are - period, then be outstanding."

Restaurant Marketing: More On Electronic Re...

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“You have to build an ‘every guest, every experience, every day’ culture to have long term success.” How does an electronic restaurant book help an operator do this?

Going Old School: Talking With Your Hands [...

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How do you communicate across a crowded dining room?

Restaurant Marketing: A Look At Electronic ...

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If you considered ERB's before for your restaurant but decided to stick with your paper diary, since technology has become more accessible, there is now really no reason not to look again.

Gary Vaynerchuk: THE Interview!

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"Amazon didn't happen to those businesses, the future happened to those businesses!"

Can You See The Light Brother?

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“But we can’t wait for every employer to see the light,”