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Frequently Asked Questions

These are FAQ’s by prospective clients about our programs and services. If you do not find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us at 888-998-8744 for a free consultation or fill out the contact form below.

How can we utilize your expertise in working with my company to maximize our ROI?

By choosing an ongoing Coaching program. The Coaching programs allow us to work on any and every aspect of your business and with as many people as you need to involve in the change process. This is definitely the most ‘bang for your buck’.

If, however, a more complex solution is demanded and you need a consulting solution, we engineer our programs to deliver a quantifiable ROI.

We guarantee our efforts in delivering the specific results your business needs in order to create sustainable,  long-term success.

What's the difference between Coaching & Consulting?

Coaching is where we Coach you and/or your staff to execute the change needed – you do all the work, we teach, coach, train and measure for effectiveness.

Consulting is where we come in and execute the change for you – we do all the work. There is a Coaching and Consulting option for each program we offer based on your particular need.

The most successful projects include a bit of both.

For more about how Coaching can help you, go here. 


Do you use the same solution for every client?

No. We look at each operation individually and design the solution(s) that is needed to achieve the desired business goals. Allowing someone to use a ‘templated’ solution is the surest sign of an amateur and the quickest way for your business to become irrelevant.


How do you price each consulting engagement?

Each prospective client is given a three (3) option proposal that includes pricing for the Coaching, Consulting and combined solutions. The cost is calculated based on the monetary value of the client’s desired results. We do not charge hourly rates. We believe hourly rates are unethical and not in the best interest of any client.

See “Program Pricing” 


I had my manager call to ask you for a quote and you wouldn't give him one. Why not?

Legally, we can only contract with the person who has the authority to enter into contracts for your business, so it only makes sense that we talk to that person about the existing needs and possible solutions. Ethically, we cannot create a solution for your business unless we hear from you (the business owner) about your needs, desired results and the resources that can be used to help create the necessary innovation to achieve those results. Most managers do not have sufficient information about the business in order to understand either the direction that’s needed or the solution required.


Why shouldn't I hire someone local? Isn't it cheaper?

We believe you should hire the most effective person at achieving the result you need. Location shouldn’t play any role in the decision since technology allows for extremely effective two-way communication. Likewise, we believe that price should never be a factor since you should be receiving the necessary return on your investment (ROI) that makes the engagement profitable. Our goal at Summers Hospitality Group® is to deliver a 1,000% ROI on every client’s investment.

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